Magical year 2018

2018 has indeed been an intense, rewarding and substantive year. Here are some of the good things that happened:   Signed by Label Laborie Jazz! Release of album Symmetri nationally and internationally. Splendid reviews of Symmetri. e.g. received nine of ten starts by Zero Magazine, praised and compared to Thundercat by Jazz Nyt and appointed as one… Continue reading Magical year 2018

New Album Release Party – Cassius Lambert

Release party at Moriskan (Malmö/Sweden) October 17th 19:00 – Door opens 20:00 – Live concert with Cassius Lambert Orchestra Zakib Zabbar is conferencier Album available at reduced price 60 kr entrance   The Orchestra: Cassius Lambert – Bass Jonathan Dafgård – Guitar Simon Falck – Drums & Percussion Marcus Karlsson – Drums & Percussion Ludvig Samuelsson… Continue reading New Album Release Party – Cassius Lambert


Cassius Lambert’s debut album is out on the market. It contains seven instrumental jazz-hiphop tracks: Bontu 5.20 Orangeri 8.36 Bertold 5.16 Phychosis 5.55 Humanity 8.25 913 6.28 Goba 5.48 And 84 pages of notes.             Participating musicians: Simon Falck Johan Hansson Liljeberg Ludvig Samuelsson Arvid Ingvarsson Daniel Farai Rönsholdt Lelo Nika Jr… Continue reading QUOTE – IS THE NAME OF CASSIUS LAMBERT’S DEBUT ALBUM