Donna Verde

She is an artist that we have not yet met. An artist who continues to insist on being incognito. Donna Verde.

It took months to convince her to let us publish her music. But now, finally, we have the pleasure to introduce her music to you:

The album – Disco Menopause.

Cover of the Album Disco Menopause. Picture of woman with candy-art wrapped around herself.

The Single – Jingle Bells

Cover of the Single "Jingel Bells". Picture of Donna Verde. Only her eye is visible.

Only one person, to our knowledge, has met her. A Swedish journalist took the bold decision to travel all the way to Italy to look for Donna Verde.

Kaprifol Records logo. A honeysuckle flower.

Read about the hunt for the skittish Donna Verde (the article is written in Swedish).