Cassius Lamberts latest album is Symmetri. It was released spring 2018. Symmetri contains seven songs; Krig, Hav pt. 1, Hav Pt. 2, Hav Pt. 3, Dov, Kontraster Pt. 1 and Kontraster Pt.2.   

“If now the intelligent phenomenon Thundercat alias Stephen Bruner came from a small Swedish town instead of Los Angeles, he would be called Cassius Lambert alias Pelle Lindsjö. Cassius Lambert is bassist like Thundercat. The musical starting point is hip hop, funk and fusion jazz with many freedoms. The similarities are many. However, the most striking similarity is the ability to keep an eye on some complicated events where recognisability is allowed to prevail with the unknown. Cassius Lambert holds many balls in the air and also throws the juggler up into the air. It sounds wild in writing. It’s also when listening.”

/Niels Overgård, JazzNyt

Written and arranged by: Cassius Lambert

Listen to live concert from Paris at Radio France

Participating musicians Symmetri: Cassius Lambert: Bass. Charlotta Andersson: Guitar. Agnes Darelid: Trombone. Marie Helmer Mørck: Vocals. Lo Ersare: Vocals. Emma Krag Elmøe: Violin. Jesper Nordberg: Double bas. Karl Bergdahl: Gitarr. Marcus Karlsson: Drums, Percussion. Simon Falck: Drums, Percussion and Vibraphone. Johan Hansson Liljeberg: Piano, Celesta. Ludvig Samuelsson: Alto saxophone, Baritone saxophone and Clarinet. Line Vognstrup: Vocals. Jack Menkedick – Baritone saxophone

Producers: Robert Kloch, Don Rosso and Cassius Lambert.

Mixing: Robert Kloch, Don Rosso and Cassius Lambert.

Studio Technicians: Robert Kloch, Tanja Vesterbye Jessen and Ahmad Jamal.

Mastered by: Andy Lundgren. Ljudateljén.

Album artwork: Jerker Hallin.

Photos: David Falck.

Recorded in: Abbekås at Kaprifol Records.

KRIG & KONTRASTER (singel version)

The singles KRIG and Kontraster (singel version) were released in 2017, and is part of the album SYMMETRI.  

Video recordings: David Falck.

Participating musicians KRIG: Cassius Lambert: bass. Charlotta Andersson: guitar, Karl Bergdahl: guitar, Agnes Darelid: trombone, Jesper Nordberg: double bass, Marcus Karlsson: drums, percussion, Simon Falck: drums, Johan Hansson Liljeberg: piano, guitar, Jack Menkedick: barytone saxophone and Ludvig Samuelsson: alto saxophone.

Participating musicians Kontraster (singel version): Cassius Lambert: bass, synth bass, Charlotta Andersson: guitar, Karl Bergdahl: guitar, Marcus Karlsson: drums, Simon Falck: drums, percussion, Johan Hansson Liljeberg: piano and Ludvig Samuelsson: alto saxophone, baritone saxophone.

Producers: Robert Kloch, Don Rosso and Cassius Lambert.

Mixing: Robert Kloch, Don Rosso and Cassius Lambert.

Studio Technicians: Robert Kloch, Tanja Vesterbye Jessen and Ahmad Jamal.

Mastered by: Andy Lundgren. Ljudateljén.


Video from a studio session in 2016. 

Musicians: Cassius Lambert: bass, Ludvig Samuelsson: saxophone, Marcus Karlsson: drums, Edvin Fridolfsson: drums, Per Lindberg: vibraphone, John Elmquist: piano, Lars Ullberg: trombone, Hannes Bennich: saxophone, Karl Bergdahl: guitar.

Video recording: Frida Andersson Haase and Julián Quevedo.


In 2015 Cassius Lambert released his debut album Quote. Seven instrumental jazz-hiphop pieces with belonging 84 pages of notes.

Participating musicians: Cassius Lambert, Simon Falck, Johan Hansson Liljeberg, Ludvig Samuelsson, Arvid Ingvarsson, Daniel Farai Rönsholdt, Jerker Hallin, Lelo Nika Jr., Anna Frykstam, Amanda Persson, Jesper Nordberg, Angela Strandberg, Janna Lindsjö, Jonathan Dafgård, David Pettersson, Eklundh, Tora Larsson and Kristoffer Frisk Sjöström.


Video from the live concert, release party for the album Quote

Here can you buy the album Quote (7 tracks and 84 pages of notes): Products


The single Bontu was released 2016. 

Orangeri EP

ORANGERI is the first release of Cassius Lambert. It contains three tracks, “Orangeri”, ”Humanity” and ”Psychosis”. All tracks are written and arranged by Cassius Lambert.

Participating musicians: Cassius Lambert: synth bass, keyboard, percussion, handclap, Simon Falck: drums, percussion, handclap, Arvid Ingvarsson: drums, Daniel F. Rönsholdt: guitar, Lelo Nika Jr: harmonica, Johan Hansson Liljeberg: piano, keyboard, synth, Amanda Persson: flute, Anna Frykstam: clarinet, Ludvig Samuelsson: saxophone, Jesper Nordberg: double bass, Angela Sandberg: trumpet, Janna Lindsjö: handclap.

Written and arranged by: Cassius Lambert

Produced by: Don Rosso, Robert Kloch and Cassius Lambert

Cassius Lambert's records for sale: Products

Photo by David Falck. Mike Nelson, Imperfect geometry for a concrete quarry, 2016. Kalkbrottet, Limhamn, Malmö, Sweden. Courtesy the artist and 303 Gallery, New York; Galleria Franco Noero, Turin; Matt’s Gallery, London; and neugerriemschneider, Berlin.