Cassius Lambert is a Swedish/Ethiopian bass player, composer, producer and owner of the record label Kaprifol Records.

Photo by Tova Nyberg

He is known for his style miximalism – deconstruction of minimalism through maximalism. Playing with musical textures from jazz, classical minimalism, funk, rock and hip-hop Cassius Lambert creates a new innovative sound on the contemporary music scene.

Cassius leads three music projects; BITOI, Cassius Lambert Orchestra and Cassius Lambert Solo and is a band member in Tarabband and Duo Nadin & Cassius.



Cassius (Pelle Cassius Lambert Lindsjö) was born in Sweden on February 29th 1996.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. He has also studied at Skurups Folkhögskola and at the National music program at Malmö Latin School.

Cassius has released three albums; Vendi (2021), Symmetri (2018), and Quote (2015). One EP; Orangeri (with three tracks “Orangeri”, “Humanity” and “Psychosis”) (2015). Six singles; Bird, Ozon and Bolt (2020), Krig and Kontraster (single version) (2017) and Bontu (2015). 



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Kaprifol Records

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