Hydra bass from Anaconda basses

May we introduce the custom made bass for Cassius Lambert – Hydra. Built by Anaconda Basses.

“The Hydra – Elite is a brand new model for 2020. This 26 fret, 3 pickup bass with a tremolo bar is designed to give the player access to traditional bass tones, plus a large number of additional tones and playing possibilities. The optional contact mics in the body and neck give you many percussive options, plus a great acoustic tone. The superb John East uni-pre 5 preamp gives you full control over the bass, mid and treble frequencies. This model features 3 x Delano pickups that can be run together or individually. The optional Kahler tremolo bridge adds a new dimension to your playing.” Text from Anaconda basses homepage, read more here

Bass hydra by Anaconda basses