#1. Bird – new single release

Bird is the the first single out, belonging to Cassius Lambert’s upcoming solo bass album (planned release in beginning of 2021).

Stilistic Eel. Album art. Cassius Lamberts single called Bird.

Everything is composed for and performed on electric bass, with no additional loops or overdubs.

Bass: Anaconda Basses – Hydra

Effect Pedals: Rainger fx – Reverb X Strymon – Bluesky Bananana Effects – Aurora, Mandala Digitech – Bass Whammy Mattoverse Electronics – Analog Kick Drum MKII Red Panda – Tensor Electro Harmonix – Pog 2 Credits:

Music: Cassius Lambert

Mix: Don Rosso, Robert Kloch

Cover art: Signe Bagger

Video: Tova Nyberg

Video assistants: Charlotta Andersson, Simon Falck

Master: Andy Lundgren

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