#1. Bird – new single release

Bird is the the first single out, belonging to Cassius Lambert’s upcoming solo bass album (planned release in beginning of 2021). Everything is composed for and performed on electric bass, with no additional loops or overdubs. Bass: Anaconda Basses – Hydra Effect Pedals: Rainger fx – Reverb X Strymon – Bluesky Bananana Effects – Aurora,… Continue reading #1. Bird – new single release

Article about Cassius

Cassius Lambert walking in Malmö, Sweden.

Read about Stor studio, a creative work place, and their article about Cassius Lambert. Article written by: Tova Nyberg. Photo by: Tova Nyberg.

Hydra bass from Anaconda basses

May we introduce the custom made bass for Cassius Lambert – Hydra. Built by Anaconda Basses. “The Hydra – Elite is a brand new model for 2020. This 26 fret, 3 pickup bass with a tremolo bar is designed to give the player access to traditional bass tones, plus a large number of additional tones and playing possibilities. The optional contact mics in… Continue reading Hydra bass from Anaconda basses