Cassius Lambert has recently released his debut album -Quote. Seven instrumental jazz-hiphop with belonging 84 pages of notes.





Participating musicians:
Cassius Lambert
Simon Falck
Johan Hansson Liljeberg
Ludvig Samuelsson
Arvid Ingvarsson
Daniel Farai Rönsholdt
Mali Lelo Harmonikas
Anna Frykstam
Amanda Persson
Jesper Pierre
Angela Strandberg
Janna Lindsjö
Jonathan Dafgård
David Pettersson
Eklundh Tora Larsson
Kristoffer Frisk Sjöström

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Live Concert, Release Party for the Album Quote



The ORANGERI EP is the first release of Cassius Lambert. It contains three tracks, “Orangeri”, ”Humanity” and ”Psychosis”, all written and arranged by Cassius Lambert. The physical label includes 28 pages notes.


Foto by Markus Andrejic Bengtsson. Artwork by: Jerker Hallin


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1. Orangeri 8:36
Includes the classic outburst by John McEnroe in Stockholm 1984.

Teaser Orangeri:

Written and Arranged by Cassius Lambert
Produced by DonRosso, RobertKloch and Cassius Lambert

Participating musicians:
Cassius Lambert: Synth Bass
Arvid Ingvarsson: Drums
Daniel F. Rönsholdt: Guitar
Lelo Nika Jr: Harmonica
Johan Hansson Liljeberg: Piano, Synth
Anna Frykstam: Clarinet



2. Humanity 8:25
The track Humanity is based on the Hindenburg disaster and the radio speech by Herbert Morrison when he was observing the aircraft crash in Lakehurst, New Jersey 1937. Part of the speech can be heard in the song.

Teaser Humanity:

Written, Arranged and Produced By Cassius Lambert

Participating musicians:
Cassius Lambert: Bass Keyboard, Handclap, Percussion
Simon Falck: Drums, Handclap, Percussion
Ludvig Samuelsson: Saxophone
Angela Strandberg: Trumpet
Johan Hansson Liljeberg: Piano, Keyboard
Janna Lindsjö: Handclap
Daniel F. Rönsholdt: Guitar



3. Psychosis 5:55
Psychosis is a six minutes long description of when entering a psychosis.

Teaser Psychosis:

Written, Arranged and Produced By Cassius Lambert

Participating musicians:
Cassius Lambert: Bass
Simon Falck: Drums
Ludvig Samuelsson: Saxophone
Amanda Persson: Flute
Jesper Nordberg: Double Bass
Johan Hansson Liljeberg: Keyboard, Piano


Recording Engineers: Don Rosso and Robert Kloch
Mixed By: Don Rosso and Robert Kloch
Recorded in: Abbekås at Kaprifol-logga1
Mastered at: Ljudateljén
Artwork by: Jerker Hallin
Photos by: Markus Andrejic Bengtsson